Crimes Against Our Children – Child Sexual Abuse [Video]

Child Sexual Abuse

Table of Contents Is it the Crime or The Images That Concern Us?Child Sexual Abuse CrimesSexual abuse crimes may be found in:Note: Child Sexual Abuse ImagesChild Sexual Abuse Statistics 1Child Sexual Abuse Statistics 2Learn The FactsThe ProblemOf Course it is the Crime That Concerns Us7 ways parents can protect kids from child sexual abuseChild sexual abuse statistics:1. Talk to your kids about sex, early and often.2. Teach kids about arousal (as uncomfortable as that may be).3. Your kids are never too old to talk about sex and sexual abuse.4. Pay…

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Why YOU Should Join Our War On Internet Crime?

Internet Crime

Table of Contents Join Us in The War On Internet Crime – Why?Internet Crime Is Everyone’s ResponsibilityIt takes an Army of Members, Money, Likes, Shares, and Comments to launch a credible fight on an A War That We Are Losing!Child Sexual Abuse, Up Nearly 145% in 1 YearMy message as a victimGood day and Welcome.I am asking my friends and contacts to support the following cause.You can start with your likes, sharing and comment to bring additional traffic to our Internet Crime Fighters Org Facebook pageYour donations help us pay…

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