How To Make A Connected Life Safe Again | Avast

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Erica Olsen Of NNEDV On IOT Devices | Avast

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Internet Crime Bitcoin and the Darknet [Video]

. Internet Crime Definition – What does Internet Crime mean? Internet crime is any crime or illegal online activity committed on the Internet, through the Internet or using the Internet. The widespread Internet crime phenomenon encompasses multiple global levels of legislation and oversight. In the demanding and continuously changing IT field, security experts are committed to combating Internet crime through preventative technologies, such as intrusion detection networks and packet sniffers. Internet crime is a strong branch of cybercrime. Identity theft, Internet scams and cyberstalking are the primary types of Internet crime.…

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ICFO Archive: Seniors Grandparent Scams [Video]

Grandparent Scams

Older archive but a good history of Senior Grandparent Scams  Right Click on Links ‘Grandparent scams’ steal thousands from seniors “Grandparent scam” explained: What you need to know Top 10 Senior Scams and How to Avoid Them These scammers are targeting your elderly parents The Grandparent Scam Grandparent Scam FAQs Con Artists Exploit Family Ties, concern How to Guard Against Common Scams That Target Seniors Hundreds of thousands of older Americans are victims of financial fraud and theft every year. 8 costly scams…

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ICFO Archive: Child Exploitation 2 [Video]

Child Exploitation

Older ICFO archive history of Child Exploitation  Warning – Content May Be Disturbing To Some Readers Right Click on Links Apple, Sony, Microsoft under fire for child labor exploitation Child labor is still rife in Kenya despite laws  uggc://jjj.gur-fgne.pb.xr/arjf/2016/01/20/puvyq-ynobhe-vf-fgvyy-evsr-va-xraln-qrfcvgr-ynjf_p1279047 Sexually Exploited Girls in Need of Services, Not Handcuffs Laval woman on trial for producing child pornography and sexually exploiting her infant son Child Sex Workers’ Biggest Threat: The Police Apple-Microsoft-and-Others-Accused-of-Mass-Child-Exploitation US, Global Companies Buy Cobalt at Mines That Pay Kids $1 a Day Two non-governmental organizations are…

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ICFO Archive: Children’s Safety Online [Video]

Child Grooming

Older ICFO archive history of Children’s Safety Online Right Click on Links Weekly Scam Alert: Scams Targeting Your Children How to Protect Your Children From Phishing Scams Online Parenting: 10 Common Internet Scams Your Child Might Fall For WARNING: scammers offering children for adoption Online scammers have targeted Kidspot, offering this two-year-old girl for adoption Government cracks down on daycare rort involving 11,000 parents Why you SHOULDN’T “type Amen and share” posts of sick children Child modeling and acting scams still as popular as ever …

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ICFO Archive: HYIP Ponzi Schemes [Video]


Older ICFO archive history of HYIP Ponzi Schemes Right Click on Links Genius Funds permanently banned for illegally selling securities Oil Rig Contractors HYIP Attracts $6 Million Investment Bitcoin-Trader Goes Rogue – HYIP Exposed FBI: Genesis Acquisitions International part of a $50M Ponzi More people come forward in FBI investigation of local pyramid scheme William Apostelos and three others allegedly stole ‘north of $50 million’ from Miami Valley investors including cops, doctors, and businesses Antisocial media! SEC censures FX HYIP operators who exploited investors via…

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ICFO Archive: Additions, Online Addictions [Video]


Older ICFO archive history of Addictions, Online Addictions  Right Click on Links Sexologist urges Hunter parents to talk to children about sexuality An Australian sexologist visiting the Hunter says the average child accesses pornography by the age of 13. An Australian sexologist who is visiting the Hunter today, says communication is the key for parents of children in what’s become a highly sexualized world. Hardcore internet pornography ‘most prominent sexual educator’ for young people, experts say Long-term public health crisis amongst Australian children, seminar hears The widespread availability…

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ICFO Archive: Webcam Hack [Video]

Webcam Hack

Older archive but a good history of Webcam Hack Right Click on Links  50 million cameras exposed to hackers due to massive security breach Meet the men who spy on women through their webcams FBI denied permission to spy on hacker through his webcam Uh-oh: The FBI can access your MacBook webcam without the light turning on Optic Nerve: millions of Yahoo webcam images intercepted by GCHQ Digital snoop screams at baby through a baby monitor How do webcams get hacked? Your Computer and Phone Cameras Are On — Beware! Is…

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